Tel: 01376 321061
Please Note: To ensure that all appointments are allocated and utilised within an appropriate timeframe, please ensure that you provide us with at least 48 hours notice prior to cancelling or amending appointments. This will allow us to reallocate the appointment to someone who may need emergency treatment.

Ramp Available

We have a ramp available to assist patients to gain access to our premises.

For more information about our facilities please call us on 01376 321061

Emergency Appointments

During the course of the day we have appointments available for emergency treatment with our dental practitioners.

These appointments can be allocated to the people who are suffering from pain and discomfort.

If you require an emergency appointment, please call reception on 01376 321061

Appointments are subject to availability. This notice does not guarantee appointment availability.


At the end of your treatment, your dentist will discuss with you when you will need to see them again.

Our dental practioners follow guidelines issued by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), this means that you will only need to attend as often as advised by your dentalist.

Missed Appointments

To help you NOT miss your NHS appointment, we offer you an appointment reminder by text or email. If you wish to be enrolled into text or email appointment reminders, speak with our reception team at your next appointment, or call us on 01376 321061 to arrange this update over the phone.

If you do miss more than two appointments and give less than 24 hours notice, we may not be able to offer you NHS care in the future.